Subway Surfers Zurich 2020

Game description:

Subway Surfers Zurich 2020 brings players back to the picturesque streets of Zurich, this time with an array of new features and exciting content that capture the spirit of the city in a vibrant, engaging manner. As part of the game’s beloved world tour series, this edition sees the return of the agile surfers dashing through the historic and beautifully rendered urban settings of Switzerland’s largest city. With the snowy Alps in the background and the city’s famous landmarks like the Lake Zurich and the Old Town vividly integrated into the game’s design, players can enjoy a virtual tour while skillfully avoiding oncoming trains and barriers.

New Characters and Customizable Elements

This edition introduces a new character, Carla, a local Swiss chocolatier, who brings her own special power-ups to enhance the gaming experience. Alongside her, players can access new and exclusive boards that reflect Zurich’s cultural heritage, including designs inspired by traditional Swiss art and the city’s renowned commitment to sustainability. These additions not only add depth to the gameplay but also allow players to customize their experience with local flavors, making each run unique and exciting. Moreover, players can collect thematic items like Swiss cowbells and edelweiss flowers as they sprint along the tracks, adding fun layers of collectible strategy to the game.

Subway Surfers Zurich 2020 also focuses on enhancing player interaction and gameplay smoothness. The update includes optimized graphics that provide a more fluid running experience, and new challenging obstacles that test players’ reflexes and strategy. The game encourages community interaction through leaderboards and team challenges where players from around the world can collaborate or compete to win special prizes. Regular events tied to Swiss holidays and traditions offer seasonal content, keeping the community engaged and providing fresh challenges and rewards on a regular basis.