Subway Surfers Zurich

Game description:

Are you a fan of excitement and high-speed action? If so, welcome to Subway Surfers and get ready for some wild adventures! Your mission is to sprint your heroes at an astonishing pace while skillfully avoiding various obstacles in your path. Don’t miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in this exhilarating race – a multitude of thrilling moments await you here! This time, the famous street artist and hooligan named Jack visited the city of Zurich. However, unexpected barriers have grown in front of him! He was going to make a drawing on one of the buildings, but the police appeared from nowhere!

Help Jack run away!

Now our hero can avoid the punishment in one way only – he must run away! And the players need to help him with this. You will see city streets on the screen and you must help your personage rush along these. But be extremely careful! Various kinds of obstacles and traps will await you along the way. Using the control keys, you will force your hero to run around them or jump over them at speed. Remember that if Jack collides with an obstacle, he will be injured and fall into the hands of the police. Also, do not forget to help the boy collect gold coins and other useful items scattered on the road.