Game description:

Karlson is a dynamic and innovative game that blends first-person shooting (FPS) with parkour, slow-motion mechanics, and a peculiar obsession with milk. The game’s protagonist, Karlson, is on an unwavering quest to find and consume his beloved milk. The gameplay is heavily influenced by classic FPS games but stands out with its unique, skill-based movement system, allowing players to navigate a mysterious and futuristic environment with agility and precision. As players fight their way out of a high-tech facility, they unravel the mysteries of Karlson’s past and the significance of the milk. Karlson offers both a gripping single-player story mode and a multiplayer option, providing varied gameplay experiences. Additionally, the game is developing a map editor feature, promising even more player-driven creativity and replayability. This game is a thrilling mix of action, adventure, and humor, set in a world where milk isn’t just a drink, but the key to the narrative.