Shotgun Roulette

Game description:

Shotgun Roulette introduces an intense tabletop experience that simulates the high-stress stakes of playing Russian roulette with a 12-gauge shotgun. The game captures the essence of the original risky endeavor but within the safer confines of a game board. Players face off in an arena-like setting, where each round they must decide how to handle the chambered round, adding layers of strategy and psychological play. The game is structured for brief yet intense sessions, lasting about 15 to 20 minutes, where decisions are swift and consequences are dramatic.

The Gameplay Experience

Players start the game by confronting The Dealer, a central figure who controls the flow of the game and matches the players’ actions. The objective is to outlast The Dealer and other players through three suspense-filled rounds, each escalating in tension. The newly added “Double or Nothing” mode further pushes the boundaries of risk, challenging players to extend their luck or face total defeat. The immersive setting of an underground nightclub, complete with pulsating beats from drum machines, adds a gritty, atmospheric backdrop that complements the game’s high-stakes nature.