Roblox Residence Massacre

Game description:

If you love online games that can make you tremble with fear, here is a new Roblox adventure in the horror genre. What is the story about this time? One day you return home from work to discover a terrible thing – your place has been targeted by a dreadful monster. Now you need to do everything in your power to survive the night with a scary creature roaming around. Are you brave enough for this trial? Note, that the beginners may really struggle, with the death being the part of the experience!

Craft your strategy!

You should properly prepare your house for the coming night. You should prevent a bloodthirsty monster from breaking in. The very first step is to set cameras to keep an eye on what is going on around the house. Then, you need to reinforce all windows and doors. But that’s not all! To survive through the night, you will also need a lot of resources – batteries, tools and other items. These are scattered around the place. So you must collect them before the monster is too close. However, your opponent is very cunning and will find a way to get in. This is when it really becomes scary. Are you sure to be able to cope with the fear and defeat him? Let’s give it a try right now!