Roblox Pet Story

Game description:

Many people love pets. However, some can’t have them because they’re constantly not home or simply have no time to take care of them. Some are even allergic to fur. In that case, you can play Roblox Pet Story and it will be just as if you were having a cat or a dog! Even more fascinating because here pets live in cute houses, walk around the city, visit shops and complete various quests.

The user begins the journey to Roblox Pet Simulator by choosing a cat or a dog. The pet can be given a name and it will appear in the global rating. In the store you can pick up all the necessary accessories, ears, a face and a smile. After that, you need to collect coins and chests scattered around the map. The new level complicates the passage.

There are many treasures in the game, chests contain a different number of coins, each new location opens up great opportunities. The player has the ability to buy and upgrade several pets, cute kittens, dogs. But to do this, you will need to spend a lot of time clicking on the chests. The fastest character gets all the treasures, but don’t be upset – there will be enough gold for everyone. Looting is simplified by pets, helping the owner in the search for treasures. Don’t forget that first you need to get a sufficient number of coins, and only then upgrade the pets.

Between the raids, you can explore the city freely walking into all sorts of locations and seeing what you can do there. You will surely meet a lot of other pets and it will be so great to have fun together. Start playing Roblox Pet Story right now and discover the amazing virtual worlds of puppies and kittens that is waiting for you in this awesome game!