Rainbow Friends

Game description:

If you ever played Five Nights at Freddy’s, you’ll instantly recognize the drill! Rainbow Friends challenges you to another survival quest among creepy beings that are evil and aggressive despite their bright and happy colors. Will you be able to get through this nightmare? Let’s find out!

They look cute, but they are dangerous!

It all began when your class went to an amusement park to check out the new rides. You were having tons of fun until suddenly everything went blank and you woke up in a strange place not knowing where you are and how to get out of here. And you quickly figured out you’re being watched. Rainbow Friends are tracking you down, and you have to be smarter than them to stay alive until the next morning! Overall, there are five nights for you to survive though, so stay on your guard and keep your focus no matter what!

Survive and return home safely!

The game will appeal to all fans of the horror genre. The feeling of suspense is riveting and there are a lot of jump scares to make your hair stand on end. Only players with nerves of steel will cope with this horror quest. Start playing it right now and see if you can escape this damned amusement park alive!