Mommy Long Legs

Game description:

Ever since the release of Poppy Playtime, Huggy Wuggy and other monsters have become extremely popular among horror lovers. Now there is a new character on the lineup – Mommy Long Legs. She used to be one of the top-selling toys produced by Playtime Corporation. The secret of her success is her highly elastic, bendable and very long limbs that can be twisted in all possible ways. She looks a bit like a spider, but a human one. Her smiling face and a cute pink ponytail can confuse you when you first meet her. But don’t think she’s such a sweet creature! Her long arms and legs can be deadly weapons, and you’ll have a chance to find out just to what an extent playing Mommy Long Legs online!

In this game you will have to run away from this evil monster around the old toy factory. There will also be other toys hunting you, just like in the previous parts, but this time there is going to be a new antagonist. The gameplay has largely remained the same. You have to roam the old building with no signs of human presence, look into abandoned rooms, dig through the mess left on the desks and in the drawers in search of any information about what happened here years ago. There are old video tapes that you need to watch if you want to figure that out and some databases you have to gain access to for more understanding. Besides, you’ll have to open multiple doors that are electrically controlled, so you’ll have to pick up the code or use a special tool that you will find in the safe at the very beginning of the game. There will be other great devices waiting for you at the factory as well, you just have to discover them!

Don’t forget that Mommy Long Legs is highly dangerous and can’t be trusted. You need to move around the building very carefully, preparing to run and hide or stay and fight. Which one to choose is up to you. Sometimes it’s wiser to stay safe, especially when you don’t have a weapon to protect yourself. But if you’re an adventurous and risky player, you may try to electrocute Mommy Long Legs with one of those gadgets that are scattered all over the factory! Start playing right now and enjoy the adrenaline that will be flowing through your veins non-stop!