Poppy Playtime: Chapter 4

Game description:

You surely have already played the first chapters of Poppy Playtime. This toy factory was not accidentally shrouded in strange stories. After the disappearance of people one day, the enterprise was closed and nobody dared to visit it again.

However, one former worker still is curious to find out the truth. So he takes the risk to carry out his own investigation, not taking into account warnings and gossips. The adventure turns into a terrible survival story once he enters the building. The hero discovers it is not empty as he mistakenly believes. The place is full of vengeful toys that are guarding some scandalous secrets. But again, the hero’s curiosity wins and he decides to continue his mission despite his life is now in danger. There are many enemies you will have to meet in this horror story. It is Huggy Wuggy, a giant blue creature with a dreadful grin who will try to reach you and hug to death. Then, you will have to trick his sister – Kissy Missy who pretends to be friendly but only waits for the moment to defeat you.

You need to find a way to run away from this antagonist as well. The next step is to go through a fierce confrontation with Mommy Long Legs, a cartoon spider who has a lot of puzzles for the hero to solve. You will have to go through numerous quests to find hints to the next steps and find out what really happened in this factory years ago. Now, you need to get ready to meet a new toy monster in chapter 4 of this horror series. Are you impatient to find out who is going to be your next adversary? Then do not waste time – start this amazing adventure right now!