Boxy Boo Project Playtime

Game description:

If you managed to trick some monsters in the abandoned toy factory, do not think that the game is over! You have not defeated all of them, unfortunately! A new, really terrible antagonist is already waiting to catch you. It is Boxy Boo! Who is this mysterious character? This personage is designed like a jack-in-the-box. It opens and reveals his paws with sharp claws that are fixed with springs! But his head is the most horrifying part of his body – it reminds a dinosaur. When Boxy Boo opens his mouth – you will see two rows of extremely big and sharp teeth! Are you brave enough to confront this creature?

Try to survive again!

This time, the game is multiplayer and designed for seven players. Six players will play as one team, while the seventh participant will transform in Boxy Boo! The monster will be able to switch between other antagonists and hunt the peaceful players. In return, they need to explore the location, find all spare parts of a huge toy and construct it! It is the only way to run away from the evil opponent. There are multiple threats and traps in this episode, and only the most courageous gamers will pass it to the end. It is interesting that you can decide on your role – try to play for Boxy Boo and try to play against him.