Garry’s Mod Poppy Playtime

Game description:

Have you already met Huggy Wuggy in the Poppy Playtime horror game? Then you will probably agree that it is really difficult to find a monster scarier than him. This blue giant is a true master of screamers and jump scares. And once he noticed you, it will be extremely difficult to avoid his deadly hugs. Even if you managed to successfully survive the first adventure in the old toy factory, there is something much more frightening for you. Huggy Wuggy was tricked but not completely defeated. The terrible creature has restored his energy and is ready to take revenge in Garry’s Mod. Have you ever tried this sandbox?

Then you know that you will have lots of possibilities to launch a really blood-chilling challenge against Huggy Wuggy. Now you will surely go through an incredible confrontation with this plush opponent. The first thing to do is to check what tools you can use to protect yourself from your enemy. Do not be fooled around by a wide grin that you see on the face of this terrible toy. He wears it on purpose to lure more victims into his tight hugs. Once you are involved in this cruel hide and seek game, it will be real luck to survive it and remain alive. You will never be able to defeat this giant monster with your hands as your strengths are far from being equal. But if you rack your brain and use all the tools around, you can outperform him logically. So plunge into this thrilling fight and focus on winning it! Good luck and lots of thrills!