Pikmin 5

Game description:

Help the victims of the powers of the cosmos. They will remain forever on an uninhabitable planet if you don’t take some urgent action! Finding the crew is your first priority, in addition to which you and your allies must clear this planet of hateful aliens who can harm you all.
Use your crew’s superpowers wisely and in a timely manner. Unlike the others, you are easily affected by fire, ice, and other elements, but meeting a scientist will change your life. Provide him with materials, which he uses to create special items and make you a superhuman who is immune to certain dangers.

Special purpose resource

This component can be found in different parts of the territory you are in and can be located in the most unexpected spots. It is the key factor to your salvation because it “heals the wounds” of the transport on which you will fly away from this unfriendly place.