Japanese Watermelon Game

Game description:

This merging entertainment may seem like a game for kids. However, you must follow rules if you want to win. The main idea is to stack falling fruits into a box. But you cannot do it randomly. You must not overload the box! You must arrange everything in a container. Not a single fruit should fall out. If you pile them too high, it means you have failed. But how can you squeeze in so many fruits? Merge them all. When two identical fruits touch, they transform into a bigger one. Skillful merging also earns you points.

What’s the ultimate goal?

Your aim is to take as many merging steps as possible until you achieve the biggest fruit in the game – a watermelon! It’s going to be a long path. Beginners might feel a bit frustrated at first when things don’t go well, but use your missteps to learn. Analyze them to create stronger strategies. Creativity is encouraged, so try different ways to stack items in your virtual container. Unlike other similar online games, this one is genuinely engaging. The simple graphics and funny fruit design immerse you in the activity. You will love the ability to experiment. Besides, it’s a perfect brain workout. Play whenever you want – this game fits well on all screen sizes. So, whenever you’re bored, try stacking some fruits!