Game description:

PANICORE unfolds as a gripping adventure into the heart of the forgotten, casting players as intrepid explorers with a voracious appetite for the secrets and stories enshrined within abandoned domains. This immersive game takes the essence of urban exploration and distills it into a virtual experience that’s as thrilling as it is harrowing. Players are not just visiting relics of the past; they’re immersing themselves in the histories of deserted landscapes, from mothballed factories to silent schools, each with its tale whispering in the void. The allure of these locations is undeniable, drawing in those who seek to pry loose the tightly held secrets of places left to wither in the annals of time.

A Descent into Desperation

However, the allure of discovery soon spirals into a dire quest for survival as PANICORE veers into darker territories. The explorers, initially fueled by curiosity and the thrill of uncharted territories, find themselves ensnared in an environment that’s anything but welcoming. The game masterfully transitions from an exploration of physical spaces to a survival horror experience, where the very buildings that fascinated players become their prisons. Trapped and isolated, with exits sealed and daylight a distant memory, players are forced to confront not just the tangible threats lurking in the shadows but the psychological torment of entrapment. PANICORE tests the limits of courage and comradeship, compelling players to navigate through a labyrinth of fear and uncertainty, where the only escape is through facing the horrors that lie in wait.