Go To Bed

Game description:

Step into the seemingly simple world of Go to Bed, a game that transforms the mundane act of going to sleep into an eerie nighttime adventure. With a straightforward premise, players navigate through darkened rooms, facing unexpected challenges that lurk in the shadows. This game takes a routine nighttime ritual and flips it into a series of unsettling situations, asking players if they possess the courage and quick thinking to make it through the night unscathed.

Navigating the Night

Movement is controlled using the WASD keys, allowing for full exploration of the environment.
Interactions with objects and the environment are conducted through the press of the ‘E’ key, revealing clues and advancing the story.
Exiting to the main menu is as simple as hitting the ESC key, ensuring that players can take a break from the tension whenever needed.
Crafted within a span of two weeks for the “DreadXP End of Summer Bone Jam,” this game represents a concentrated effort to deliver suspense and intrigue in a compact package. Since its initial release, an update has fine-tuned the experience, addressing feedback and enhancing the game’s ambiance, without deviating from its original jam-session roots.