Super Mario Maker 2

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When you open Mario Maker 2, you automatically appear in the creative mode of the game. You will see a wide range of tools of all kinds around the screen. Some stand for the pieces of the environment – platforms, the other are prizes, still others represent enemies and obstacles. The timer and the style are also adjustable here. In general, the number of features you can try in Mario Maker is nearly infinite and you will have a really good time discovering them all. Just be aware that you will have to try them to learn how they work, so maybe a number of remakes will be necessary, but this is how you create a level of your dream.

The number of options here is really incredible and all of them are at your hand, which doesn’t make the screen look stuffed. They are easy to reach and nothing interrupts the creation process, so you will feel yourself like a demiurge. There is also a switch, where you can get assets, but here the bar should be rolled with accuracy – don’t hurry up, just choose the ones you need. In this mode, the controls lack accuracy, so you have to be attentive, no hassle. The editing game requires attention, but the touchscreen needs a bit skills to deal with it.