My Summer Car

Game description:

Build, Drive, Survive: My Summer Car

My Summer Car drops you into the Finnish countryside during the 1990s, where you’re tasked with assembling your dream car from scratch. This game is all about the freedom to tinker with your car’s parts, from the engine to the paint job, while managing your character’s needs like hunger and fatigue. It’s not just a car simulator; it’s a survival game where you juggle life’s essentials while working on your automotive project. You’ll navigate the vast open world, encountering various tasks and characters that bring the rural setting to life. Whether you’re racing down dirt roads or just cruising around, My Summer Car offers a unique blend of mechanics, driving, and life simulation that captures the essence of summer adventure and the satisfaction of building something with your own hands.

Getting Your Hands Dirty

Careful Planning: Gather parts and plan your build step by step.
Resource Management: Keep an eye on your needs while you work on your project.
Explore and Interact: The world is full of opportunities and challenges that can help or hinder your progress.