Lunch Lady

Game description:

Manic Mice has pleased its fans with a new release. This time it is an exciting horror and action game, Lunch Lady. It is a co-op type of game, allowing you to share the fun in a team of several players. At the same time, you can easily activate one player mode.
All the actions take place in the gloomy environment of the dark school premises. And you will have only one task – to find and steal ten blue folders with the answers to the school’s final tests. But it is not so easy as it may seem, as, throughout the whole gameplay, you will be chased by a horrendous and murderous Lunch Lady. You have to do all in your power to find the keys from all the premises and avoid being caught. Every page is hidden in a different location, but every second your enemy stronger and less predictable. The evil Lady may wait for you in the most unexpected places to attack you with a pan.
The game’s dark and scary environment is intensified by proximity voice feature – your friends’ screams will let you feel literally inside the danger. Immersive 3D audio makes all game adventures supernatural. You can enable or disable certain features. But note the game is designed with the scaling difficulty – the Lady becomes faster in each subsequent room. The opponent is very dangerous, so avoid hiding in dead ends or running away in long corridors. Remember, you can get a medical kit in the game to heal the wounds you may get in the process. And be careful not to overlook a blue folder and keys.
The game will be loved by those who search for the thrill and unexpectedness. There are three playing modes available – regular, hard and insane. But, it is not recommended for children.
You can get Lunch Lady from Manic Mice from anywhere in the world as on a one-time purchase basis. Unfortunately, no free download is available. You will not be able to get via torrent either. Officially, the game was launched on 04/15/2021.
It is too early to give a final rating to this game, but it looks like it will easily attract crowds of fans in a very short period. The game is distributed via the Steam store, and it will take another few weeks to have feedback. But you can already read the first positive reviews.