Game description:

Have you already tried playing Propnight? The idea of the game is simple and straightforward – the four survivors must escape from the killer. They need to repair five special devices scattered across the location within the allotted time. If they succeed, the exit will open and the heroes will be able to leave this eerie place by winning the game. This kind of gameplay mechanics was the main reason for the success of Dead by Daylight.

However, the developers from Fntastic decided to modernize it, and in their project the survivors are able to turn into objects in order to hide from the killer in this way. It is already known that gamers will be able to turn into a box, a swing of cabbage or a bogeyman.There will also be several assassins in Propnight, and each of them will have unique abilities that allow you to identify survivors. So, the Pretender himself is able to transform into objects and even take the form of players. At the same time, the Keymaker can place eyes on the location in order to mark people who are in sight.

Propnight is set in a small provincial town where teenagers go missing. During the game, we have the opportunity to personally see what is the reason for this state of affairs… and also add our own brick to it. In Propnight, we see first-person action. The game is based on asymmetric multiplayer mode, so the gameplay depends on who you play as. As one of four survivors, we must survive the oppression. To do this, we must, together with others, repair the rescue vehicle.

The matter (it would seem) is facilitated by the fact that we can turn into any objects and move around the terrain like car wheels, barrels or chairs. However, in the shoes of a torturer, we must do everything in our power to prevent the evacuation of a single teenager. Since survivors can literally hide anywhere and in any form, we wreak havoc and destruction around us, destroying elements of the environment. The moment we notice a person, we have no choice but to eliminate him. Good luck!