Jumanji Epic Run

Game description:

The jungle is impassable and dangerous… There are mortal threats waiting for you on every step… If you’re not careful enough, you can become a victim of a wild beast, get trapped in a cobweb of lianas or simply fall from a cliff. But you don’t have time to look around and consider every possible risk. Because you have to stay on the move, you need to run as fast as you can. If you stop, you’re as good as dead! It’s Jumanji Epic Run, and it will make you feel every heartbeat. Your journey will lie through a number of beautiful and challenging locations full of obstacles and enemies. You will meet all kinds of dangers you can possibly think of. All that because you couldn’t resist the temptation of playing a cursed game… And now the game is breaking through into reality! Everything around you, your familiar usual world is changing and it won’t be long until your life will be hanging by a thread… When that happens, just clench your teeth, put your fingers tighter on the controls and hope your reflexes won’t let you down!