Untitled Goose Game

Game description:

There are so many games about animals but a goose is the rarest character you can see there. How does it feel to be a goose? Especially, a nasty goose, who like doing some tricks? Well, now you have a chance to outlive this experience and feel yourself as a real goose with nice sense of humor. Here you will play for a bird living in the village, where people do their daily stuff. However, the peaceful routine will be ruined today – the goose is here. There is a slight touch of absurd you will feel here. The goose is ridiculous and funny, while the tasks you are going to complete will make you roll on the floor laughing. So another bright morning in a cute village, another pack of amazing pranks for a goose. He is here, he is a real bastard, and he wants to have some fun.
The atmosphere of the game is very calming and even a bit sleepy, which motivates you to ruin it even more. You are in the middle of calmness, but the chaotic nature of your soul won’t let you become a part of this idyllic environment – you are the chaos and you will bother the locals in many ways, so they’d better be ready for your appearance. Well, they are not, which gives you even more space for jokes and tricks. The game will offer you a whole range of ideas and tasks to complete, so you can walk around and fulfil them all. Sometimes, you will have to steal things, sometimes you will enter a cafeteria or a store to make some noise. The sandbox regime of the game gives you more freedom than you expect – not only you will complete the suggested tasks, but you can also come up with your own. In addition, each of the tasks can be done in your personal creative way, so make it interesting! Terrorize the villagers and show that geese can have a really dark but humorous character. For example, you will meet a boy and the game will hint you that you need to change his glasses, taking away those he wears and putting another one. You can frighten him and make him fall, then steal the glasses, and put those that don’t suit him. Then see him walking as a zombie trying to understand where he is. That’s really harassing, but so much fun!