Jackbox Party 5

Game description:

Let’s have some party and let’s make it really awesome! What can make your party unforgettable? Well, pretty girls, nice music, pizza, maybe some beer and… Jackbox Party 3! With this game, you will have a really good time and it is guaranteed. It is full of funny and sometimes dumb (still funny) jokes and tasks for you and your fellows to solve. Whether you play at home or remotely, you can enjoy Jackbox any time. There are different modes to check, including Quiplash, Guesspionage, Trivia Murder, Fakin’ It, and Tee KO. Guess the words, draw pictures, or try yourself as a detective! Actually, there are no correct answers, but the participants choose the smartest and funny ones themselves. It’s super addictive and won’t let you get bored for a second!