Critical Strike

Game description:

Let’s have a more thorough look at this FPS shooting game which is enjoyed and recognized by many players. You will be surprised how easy it is to play for a counter-terrorist agent whose task is to prevent numerous terrorists from detonating bombs and causing much damage. Use any chance to appear from the hiding and kill bad guys.
Select your way and mode from 71 different categories. Get to know their playstyles and options. You will play the role of an experienced anti-terrorist warrior whose mission is to defeat the terrorists and stop them from their malevolent actions, exploding bombs, and killing people. The storyline is exciting. Your character should prove to be the best sniper ever and, simultaneously, a well-trained commando. Your criminal opponents are very dangerous and skilful so you will also need to improve your skills and weapons to fight them in any environments.
Use 25 types of weapons to defeat your enemies. Kill them as many times as you can in different game modes. Play alone or in a team online from any device you have at your disposal. Chat with your colleagues to develop the most wading strategies and tactics. Enjoy the stunning 3D graphics and soundtracks.
There are several most important game modes here: Classic, Zombie, Team, and Defuse. You will have different missions to complete in each of these modes using a variety of skills and weapons that are applicable for every separate case.
The Classic Mode is the best option for most skilful players and squads. The Zombie mission will place you in front of the zombie infested house to save some survivors. You will have a chance to destroy your opponents head-to-head in the Team Mode and combat with terrorists in the Defuse Mode. The missions are different but the main idea is to overcome all the challenges. The game is updated regularly for your most enjoyment and convenience. Just give it a try and follow your lucky chances to gain the magnificent victories.