Hospital 666

Game description:

Waking up in the eerie, never-ending halls of Hospital 666, you find yourself caught in a nightmare where the only way out is through the front or back elevator. But here’s the twist – not everything is as it seems. With every turn, the hospital tests your resolve, urging you to look away when the odd and unexplainable tries to catch your gaze. It’s a game of nerves where looking back could mean your salvation or your doom. And then there’s the question that haunts every corner: what horrors await on the 666th floor?

Navigate or Succumb

Hospital 666 is a horror game inspired by a blend of influences from “Exit 8,” “Quest,” “SCP Foundation,” and numerous horror films, setting the stage for an intense escape mission from an anomaly-ridden hospital. Choosing between the front and back elevators becomes a critical decision as deviations in the norm signal danger. As you venture through over 100 floors, each housing its own set of anomalies and challenges, including 85 unique anomalies and 5 daunting bosses, the game pushes you into encounters that will test your ability to strategize an escape while evading the monsters that lurk within. Will you find a way to outsmart the lurking dangers, or will the hospital’s endless corridors become your final resting place? With gameplay spanning 666 minutes, players can embark on this harrowing adventure alone or team up in a cooperative mode for 2-4 players, ensuring that each floor and every encounter brings you closer to uncovering the mysteries of Hospital 666.