No Players Online

Game description:

Describing games like No Players Online is not very easy. Just because everything you can say about it cannot really explain and show the experience you will get. The title is pretty unique, so it is hard to compare it to other titles just to give you a clue or a picture of what is actually waiting for you. However, the process of playing is pretty fast-pacing, so you are more than welcome to try passing the game on your own, this won’t take too much time. For most of you, playing this shooter will continue for less than 30 minutes, but you will remember it for a pretty long time.
From the first sight, the story is simple and straightforward – you are a player on the map where the match “get a flag” is happening. However, as you will understand pretty soon, nothing is actually happening there. The name of the game speaks for itself, and yes, there are no players online. Just you on a lonely and empty map that is created the way it should be filled with participants struggling and cooperating to get the rivals’ team flag. But this is not something that is happening. The protagonist team is replaced by a strange figure that reminds a man’s shadow. You have a weapon, but it doesn’t seem to effective – you can make shots, but you cannot control them. The gun might shoot and sometimes it won’t and there is no logic here. Sometimes, it happens, sometimes it doesn’t happen. You have to bring the flag to the required place for three times and the game will ask you to make a serious choice when you will carry the last one. We won’t give you any spoilers here, but just prepare yourself for a heart-breaking drama that will unwrap itself at the end of the game.