Happy Wheels 2020

Game description:

When your spirit is strong and you long for an adventure, you can’t be stopped even by your own wheelchair! The hero of our game proves that over and over again. He is ready to overcome all the difficulties and participate in a high-paced race down a trafficked street along with other drivers even if it means risking his life. In Happy Wheels 2020 the action has grown even tenser! There are new locations and trials for you to try your hand at. Spectacular bloody races down dozens of winding tracks packed with various obstacles that can send your clumsy vehicle off the road or right into the wall, pierce you with a spike or cut you in half with a chainsaw won’t let you relax even for a second. Discover new heroes, each riding their own unique kind of transport, and new levels in the latest chapter of the legendary racing game playing Happy Wheels 2020 on our site!