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GTA 6 has become nothing short of a cult and the fifth installment of this amazing criminal saga makes the world of gangsters, car races and shootouts even more thrilling. Now you are going to control three characters instead of one, each following their own storyline boiling down to one tricky criminal cobweb. The graphics has grown even more detailed and fascinating. People look very realistic, everyone is different which creates a full illusion of a bustling, crowded city. There are much more options for accomplishing side missions, doing jobs to earn money and simply spending time. And of course you will be stunned by the turns of events and the intensity of the conflict.

Climbing up the career ladder in the gangster family will require not only quick reflexes, good driving and shooting skills, but also ability to think tactically and take tough decisions in critical situations. When bullets fly past your ears and your health bar is about to deplete, you need to pull yourself together and find a way to perform the mission no matter what. Of course, even if you die, you can start from scratch, but that doesn’t make the gameplay ever less adrenaline-packed. There is a wide range of weapons to choose from and plenty of vehicles to drive across the city. You’ll even get to fly up into the sky and descend into the sea depth. GTA 5 is a huge world that won’t leave you indifferent. Start playing right now and find out what else has changed comparing to the previous versions!