Game description:

Plunge into the fascinating world of gangsters and crimes! GTA 7 brings the old familiar gameplay to a whole new level. Even more dangerous missions, deadly shootouts and cunning schemes in an effort to rise to the top of the gangster hierarchy! Everything is like in previous games, but this time the visuals have become much more lifelike and detailed, the story – even trickier and more thrilling and you have not one, but three characters to play. The assortment of weapons and vehicles has increased tremendously. Now you have a much wider range of options in arming yourself and heading off to perform a risky assignment.

Different types of jobs and activities are also available. You can buy real estate, earn money in a lot of ways and seek various entertainments in night city life. The world of GTA 7 looks very plausible because 3D models are painstakingly built to resemble their real life counterparts. That particularly concerns people who all look different. Perhaps that’s part of what makes GTA 7 so absorbing and replayable. Can you fix the issues of all three characters and succeed both in your gangster career and your personal aspirations? Play GTA 7 online and find out!