Gacha Club

Game description:

Create an original anime hero and immerse yourself into the world of Gacha! Now this is an entire club of the same-thinkers that are here to communicate with you! The best place for creativity, fun, and socialization is at your disposal, so jump in and enjoy! When starting the game, you are welcome to choose the type of character customization. There are ten default heroes and you can use them as samples – changing, readjusting, and customizing to your liking. These are the central characters of the game, but there are 90+ more! And you can change them any way you want until they look really unique and personalized. Change the colors of the skin, hair, clothes, eyes, and all the items that appear in the game. Choose the poses for your heroes – think about their personality and find the best pose that expresses it.
Pay attention to the smallest detail – choose the shape and color of their eyes, hairstyle, and things they carry. There are various swords, magical sticks, bags, and other accessories and weapons to add. Want your character to have a small friend by his or her side? Well, then why don’t you add a cute pet! This might be an ordinary animal like cat, dog, or bird. However, you can add someone fantastical as well! There are hundreds of creatures to choose from! The profile of your character can be customized in thousands of ways, so you can boast of having the most captivating one. The character creation is not all – the game allows you to put your heroes into the environment and arrange plots.
You can write any story, add phrases, and them outplay the scene! You can add up to ten different characters into your small cartoon and add pets to the episodes as well! The backgrounds will transfer your characters to different places – real and fictional. The characters can interact in many different ways – they can talk, fight, play, etc. Not only they can talk, but also move changing the poses. If you need to explain something that is happening on the screen, you can add the narrator’s voice to the scenes. You can create, save, and load 15 of them!