Gacha Life

Game description:

An absolutely new approach to a dress up title is taken in Gacha Life. Here you have all opportunities to create a unique character to your liking and then see him or her in action! There is no other dress up game that would provide players with a range of opportunities like that. First of all, it is done is a very nice anime-style. The artwork is truly amazing – all characters are drawn in a very delightful way, so you will definitely have some difficulties when choosing the one you like the most. It’s hard to decide – so many cuties are looking at you from a screen! But when you are finally done, you can move to the dressing process itself. Choose an outfit and customize your hero the way you want. You are encouraged to watch the character’s type. They are very different here and you are welcome to highlight the main traits with clothes. It means, for example, that if you are playing for a character, who looks rather like a small cute baddass, then you should dress him accordingly and this will look awesome. If you are playing with a shy pretty girl with long hair and sad eyes – make her look even prettier by pinpointing the main traits of her mood and personality with clothes.

The best thing about Gacha is that it goes far beyond clothes. You have a chance to play for a character you have created passing a story. Transfer him or her to another universe, where a plot can unwrap itself. You are welcome to choose one of the plots that the game developers have already written for you. Be it a date, trip or a simple conversation about the clothes – it’s up to you. By the way, you can also try to write an entire story yourself. There is a visual novel sample that allows you to make a plot and play it later. The number of frames and moves is limited to the rules of a visual novel. Whether you are going to play a ready-made plot or come up with your own, you will definitely have a good time with this unique title. Playing Gacha Life is a real delight for everyone who dreams of creating a character and putting him or her into action. This is your perfect chance to do so and you will see how easy it might be. Play this title on our website for free right now!