Fred’s Cereal Company

Game description:

Picture this: you’re trapped in your office, suffocating under the weight of a soul-sucking job. You’ve made up your mind, it’s time to quit this toxic circus! But you boss isn’t about to let you escape that easily. He’s got a case of major displeasure and he’s ready to unleash a tornado of obstacles to keep you chained to your desk. Prepare for a wild ride as you’re trying to overcome them and get out!

Solve puzzles, escape danger and have fun!

Prepare for office hijinks, corporate craziness, and shenanigans that will make your head spin faster than a blender on turbo mode! There is a tricky journey through the chaotic corridors of Fred’s Cereal Company waiting for you. You’ll face challenges that would make the bravest of souls break out in a cold sweat. From dodging flying memos to outrunning coffee spills, you’ll need lightning-fast reflexes and a razor-sharp wit to navigate this madness.

Can you escape with your life?

But fear not, for the adventure that awaits you is filled with humor and excitement. You’ll encounter quirky colleagues with strange obsessions and stumble upon secret hidden passages that lead to the fabled breakroom, rumored to possess a never-ending stash of snacks. Enjoy your quest and have a great time!