FNF Multiplayer

Game description:

Welcome to the fascinating world of music! In Friday Night Funkin multiplayer game, you can compete against other people in real time showing your good sense of rhythm and outstanding musical talent. Choose any of the characters that have been available in the multiple editions of this great music arcade and prepare to stage a show that the audience won’t forget so soon!

The essence of the game is pretty simple – you have to listen to the tune that is playing on stage and try to hit all the notes by pressing the right buttons. However, you may find it challenging to work your fingers fast enough, especially if you don’t have too much experience. The melodies won’t be monotonous and you should expect a lot of changes in tempo that you have to adjust to on the go. The one who copes with this task better than the rival is going to celebrate victory. But it’s too soon to relax, there are plenty of other opponents for you to defeat before you can be called a real star and win the right to flash your name at the very top of the leaderboard! And this is the best reward for an aspiring musician.

The road to success is long and bumpy. And since you’re going to fight against real players, it will be much tougher than beating the AI. You need to be twice as attentive and focused if you hope to score a maximum amount of points. Watch the progress of your opponent at the bottom of the screen and compare it to your own to keep track of your performance. Only the most concentrated of players will be able to hit every beat of every song and leave absolutely no chances to their rivals. You have to be prepared for a good degree of challenge because you will have to outperform the same people as you. Will you be able to do that and become one of the best FNF players in the web? With practice comes perfection, and the more time you spend improving your skills the more chances you have of defeating another rival! Goof luck with that!