Born of Bread

Game description:

In a realm besieged by ancient creatures, a dire threat looms over this world’s inhabitants! Amidst the chaos emerges an unlikely hero – a golem crafted from dough and flour. Tasked with unraveling a millennium-old enigma, this curious doughy protagonist sets out to rescue the realm alongside an eclectic group of allies. Despite their unconventional appearance, the resilient hero proves their mettle in the face of adversity!

Extraordinary adventures of Bread

Step into the flour-clad shoes of this inquisitive golem in the captivating journey called Born of Bread! Traverse a vibrant world teeming with mysteries and encounter a kaleidoscope of vivid characters. Engage in lively turn-based battles, strategizing with friends to vanquish bizarre adversaries!

But this isn’t your usual doughy ordeal, for Born of Bread spices up the traditional turn-based combat with player interaction, challenging your reflexes in combat. Layered atop this experience are mechanics of vulnerability and resilience, adding depth to every confrontation.

Yet, our doughy protagonist can’t rise to the challenge alone! Forge bonds with a colorful array of characters, each possessing unique abilities and vibrant personalities. Together, overcome obstacles, and triumph in battle!