Billie Bust Up Update

Game description:

Discover the enchanting world of Billie Bust Up, a 3D platformer that captures the heart and imagination much like the animated classics it draws inspiration from. Take on the role of Billie, a brave young goat with a quest to unlock a powerful magic that once belonged to her father. With Aristotle the axolotl and Oscar the fox by your side, dive into mysterious lands filled with music, magic, and a host of unforgettable characters. Engage in battles where rhythm and strategy merge, and encounter a diverse cast from grinning ghosts to cunning feline smugglers, each adding depth and excitement to your adventure.

Magical Musical Adventure in Billie Bust Up

Face villains in unique rhythm-based battles where attacks and defenses are timed to an adaptive soundtrack, making each encounter a dynamic performance. Revel in the personal themes of each character, crafted by the talented Daniel Ingram, enhancing the emotional and narrative depth of the game. Billie Bust Up offers not only a rich gameplay experience but also a heartwarming story about courage, family, and the mysteries that lie just beneath the surface.