Subnautica Below Zero

Game description:

The snowy and cold planet 4546B lies far away from Earth. The expedition of brave and aspiring scientists decide to investigate it and find more about the aliens that lived there some time ago. You are the member of a group that decides to leave their native planet and risk their lives in the name of science. The group is divided into parts: some scientists are discovering the secrets of the land, while the others (like you) go deep down under the dark waters of an ocean. The group of coordinators stay high above on the research station, providing investigators with instructions and guidelines. One day, something terrible happens on the station and find you find it ruined. So what would you do now? Left all alone on a distant planet without any support of your elder comrades. There are so many dangers all around, what is more, you don’t even have an idea about of them – this is an unknown and pretty hostile environment. You need to survive on this snowy and icy planet, so do your best.

You will swim under the oceanic surface, finding lots of incredible things that belonged to representatives of the other civilization. Will they help you to stay alive there? Or maybe they are very valuable for your scientific investigations? Below Zero provides you both amazing opportunities – to discover the mysteries of the civilization of aliens and to survive the disaster you are witnessing. So gather resources here and there to create a place where you can hide and save yourself from cosmic cold, hunt to get something to eat, plan your nearest steps to salvation. At the same time, the spirit of a real scientist won’t let you neglect an opportunity to study and explore. Use both these opportunities to make your playing experience truly unforgettable. We bet that you will love this title and check more Subnautica masterpieces.