Boris and the Dark Survival

Game description:

One of the most stylish games of last decades, Bendy and the Ink Machine, received an additional chapter – Boris and the Dark Survival! This one is no less atmospheric, beautiful, and engaging title with slight elements of horror, puzzles, and survival. The game is well-done and the developers did everything to bring you incredible hours of unforgettable gameplay! Here you will take a role of a cute wolf called Boris. This character will remind you of the old Disney cartoons, just like the game as whole. Boris is one of the characters once created by the artist from the original chapter of the franchise. The bright world created by the artist was abandoned. He left the studio long-long time ago and something happened during his absence. The characters of his comic stories became alive and now they live right in the studio! However, the environment of this small room has changed as well – some magical powers distorted the reality. Do you know, who is the main figure standing behind all of these events? Of course, this is nasty ink monster Bandy!
This game is a perfect mixture of an adventure, detective, and casual first-person action. Here you will have to do numerous things. Among them there are investigation and survival. While walking around the studio, you will have to keep your eyes wide open and your ears attentive – there is a demon right here, and he sees you! You cannot see Bendy, but he is always somewhere near you. The task is to find out what has happened in this studio and get out if you can. You will be chased by Bendy and his tricks will make you shiver from fear – this guy has a specific sense of humor! You will have to survive in the three-dimensional world of ink and paper. Be ready for everything! There are obstacles, traps, and scary mysteries to uncover. Gradually, you will learn the history of this world and the artist that has created it once.