Boris and the Dark Survival Android

Game description:

Welcome to a new installation of the amazing game about Bendy! Only this time, you will play for Boris. Meet him – this is a cartoonish wolf, who is also a character of the comics and cartoons created on the studio as Bendy. He is now alive, just like Bendy, and he finds himself in the same room as the ink monster. The problem is that Bendy is not very friendly. Whenever he chooses someone, this person, be it a human being or character of the comic book, is in a real trouble. Now you have to play for Boris and help him get out of this place before it is too late. Bendy will trick you and there are only two options you have here – you die or you get away! Keep your character tuned and energetic by feeding him with the hot soup found in the room. Enjoy a cool gameplay, nice soundtrack, and amazing atmosphere! Try to overcome Bendy, the Ink Monster, and don’t become one of his toys. Be smart and attentive – listen to the noises and keep yourself away from the demon as long as you can.