It Chapter 3

Game description:

Are you ready to continue a horrible journey? Then welcome to the third part of It, a truly blood-chilling horror story about a clown that follows you wherever you are. A creepy clown that seems to be very fond of murders and cannibalism. So you are in a big trouble! As you know, the game is based on the book written by Stephen King, the most prominent horror-author of all ages. He really knows something about human soul and the darkest fears of our unconsciousness. As a character of the game, you will stand against the creepy clown all alone and it feels like the entire horror of hell falls on your shoulders like a heavy stone.
The aim is to stay away from a clown at all costs because his habits are pretty wild and terrifying. As you know from the same-named film and book, the clown is a nightmarish monster who chases young children and breaks their lives, filling them with fear and terror. Then he usually kills the victims in a very brutal and bloody manner.