Cat Fred Evil Pet

Game description:

This is a real horror movie that will not leave anyone indifferent. You must take care of the cat by providing it with water and delicious food. Only then will you be able to sleep peacefully. If you follow all the rules, then the cat will protect you and catch mice. It will turn into a scary monster that will bring you nothing but nightmares.
This is an incredible game where you need to consider many features, as your survival depends on it. If you do not feed the cat in time, you will become prey instead of mice. Your pet is not always sweet and cuddly. In some cases, it can behave entirely unexpectedly. You will have to solve various riddles to get out of the closed space. Solve numerous puzzles of varying difficulty. Solving puzzles is a real challenge that will require all your ingenuity and stamina. Do your best to survive in this challenging game. You face a lot of tests.