Dead Ahead

Game description:

Dead Ahead is a heart-pounding, survival strategy game where players must fend off hordes of relentless zombies in a post-apocalyptic world. Players take control of a bus navigating through ruined cityscapes and desolate landscapes, gathering survivors and resources along the way. The primary goal is to keep moving, avoid getting overrun, and smash through any undead that blocks the path. Strategy comes into play as players decide when to stop for supplies, how to manage their group of survivors, and when to flee from overwhelming zombie waves.

Combat and Resource Management

The game challenges players with managing both combat and resources. Players must effectively deploy their survivors, each with unique skills, in real-time tactical battles against zombies. Choosing the right survivor for each situation is crucial, as each class, from gunners to medics, plays a critical role in survival. Resource management is equally important; fuel, ammunition, and food are scarce and must be scavenged amidst the chaos. Strategic decisions impact immediate survival and long-term progression, influencing the upgrade paths for the bus and abilities of the survivors.