Train to Gensan

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Train to Gensan is a thrilling survival game set on a rapidly moving MRT train bound for the Gensan province. Players take on the role of Grandma, who is en route to celebrate her son’s birthday but finds herself in the midst of a terrifying outbreak. The train she is traveling on becomes ground zero for the spread of the “bantot virus,” a mysterious infection that turns infected passengers into zombies. As Grandma, players must navigate through the chaos, defending themselves and other survivors from the relentless attacks of the undead while the train speeds towards its destination.

Survival Tactics and Gameplay Mechanics

The game challenges players with a blend of action and strategic decision-making. Players must quickly maneuver Grandma through different train cars, using whatever tools and weapons are available to fend off the zombie horde. Each car presents unique obstacles and a variety of zombie enemies, requiring players to adapt their tactics on the fly. Resource management is crucial, as ammunition and medical supplies are limited. Players must also make critical decisions that affect the outcome of their game, such as choosing when to barricade doors or rescue other passengers who may offer assistance or additional challenges.