The Stanley Parable Ultra Deluxe

Game description:

Do you think office adventures are always routine and boring? Then you should try on the role of Stanley to see another side of it! So what is this story about? The plot tells you about an ordinary office worker. Once he got too much involved in his work and did not notice all his colleagues and other employees left the office. Where did they disappear to? It seems like something strange is going on. You have a lot of strange questions and it is time to find answers to them. Actually, The Stanley Parable Ultra Deluxe is the remake of the original game that was released almost ten years ago. The story is pretty much the same, but this time, players will enjoy tons of new content, new choices and new endings. Once the hero realizes that there is no one around, he is driven by curiosity to find out the reasons for it.

Of course, his first idea is to explore the premises and look for some hints. All his actions will be accompanied by the Narrator who will be both guiding and confusing the hero along the way. The walkthrough is very similar to the original, but you will find a special door that was not available in the first part. You will recognize it by the sign New Content. Make sure to enter that room as you will immediately access new features and opportunities. You will find a lot of objects as you move on – it is up to you whether collect these or not, but your decision will influence the further development of the events. The game creators have prepared several thrilling endings to this entertainment. Which one will be yours? It is difficult to predict in advance, but this anticipation keeps the player engaged until the very last moment. There are no horror elements in the plot, but still, many situations will make you feel more than embarrassed. Are you ready to embark on this nerve-wracking adventure? Then let’s get started!