Game description:

Supertype redefines the concept of word-based games by transforming letters and words into tangible elements that interact within a physical space. Unlike traditional word games that focus on vocabulary and language skills, Supertype places emphasis on the physical characteristics of letters. Players must strategically deploy letters on the screen to reach specific targets. The challenge lies not in the player’s lexicon but in understanding how the shapes and sizes of letters can influence their movement and impact within the game’s environment. With over 130 levels, each stage presents a new set of considerations, prompting players to think creatively about how to use the attributes of letters to achieve their goals.

A Symphony of Letters

Supertype transcends the conventional gameplay experience by incorporating a zen-like atmosphere accompanied by a self-generating soundtrack. This auditory backdrop enhances the contemplative nature of the game, inviting players into a serene space where the focus is on the tactile journey of letters. Questions like “How does a ‘p’ fall?” or “What is the weight of an ‘r’?” encourage players to observe and experiment with the physics of typography. This unique blend of physical interaction, sound, and visual aesthetics offers a tranquil yet engaging experience that captivates players, drawing them into a world where typography and physics converge to create a mesmerizing gameplay experience.