Song Trivia 2

Game description:

In this music realm, you have to try to guess diverse tracks – from iconic tracks like Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” to indie gems like Tame Impala’s “The Less I Know The Better.”

Playing is a breeze: select a genre, listen to a song and choose the title or artist. Each correct answer gets you closer to victory. The game’s library spans genres, from the soulful serenades of Aretha Franklin to the energetic rhythms of BTS.

While popular songs feature, lesser-known tracks challenge your knowledge. Don’t shy away. These songs enhance your overall musical repertoire.

Lyrics often contain song titles. Listen keenly for unique phrases or lines that match the snippet, guiding you toward the correct answer.

Instrumental intros or distinctive melodies are excellent clues.

Like any skill, your music recognition abilities improve with practice. Regular play hones your senses, making you a SongTrivia maestro.

Test your knowledge, and let the music carry you to victory!