Super Bear Adventure Backrooms

Game description:

By chance, you have been chosen to become a hero and save the bear settlement. But that’s not all that will be available to you in this wonderful universe.

What happened to the unfortunate animals?

They were disliked by the government because their organisms refused to be exposed to honey with a special effect. The supreme bees did not enjoy this, so all the furry ones ended up in locked cages. You wandered around this bright and graphically cartoonish world for a long time looking for the poor creatures, and you couldn’t even allow yourself to think that there was a portal to the gloomy back rooms.

How to get into the terrifying labyrinths and most importantly, how to exit from there?

You need to find large cubes that stand on top of each other. Climbing to the topmost point you need to do somersaults in the air and hit the ground several times. This is a special ritual that will allow you to fall through textures, go through all layers of the earth and find yourself in countless corridors. It is unknown if this space outside of reality will let you leave it and find freedom. But what we are sure of is that you couldn’t have expected such a turn of events. A minute ago you were walking on the green grass, and now you are far away from it, and you take every step with caution and fear.