Roblox Magnet Simulator

Game description:

Magnets can be used in various ways. You can use them to fix a car or any other mechanism, to keep something on your fridge, and even to clean your aquarium. However, the main function of every magnet is to pull the iron. What if you try to use them to pull valuable iron, like gold? Well, maybe this is not something that will work in the real life, but who cares – this works in a Roblox Magnet Simulator! Get yourself a unique magnet (there are 40 of them available) and use them to receive money. Don’t forget to take your cat or dog with you – they are very skillful and smart when it comes to gold hunting. When you earn a lot of money, you can buy yourself some clothes, like suits, hats, and more! Also, you can sell the objects to the other gamers or buy something for them for golden coins. Getting money here is not that easy, so you will have to do your best to become rich.