Bee Swarm Simulator

Game description:

In this title, you can create an enormous cloud of bees and learn how it feels to be one. Well, not actually one, but an entire swarm, because bees have a collective intellect. They all act as one creature with a single brain for all. Become a mighty swarm, get blossom dust and do some sweet and golden honey. The bears of all kinds will surely become interested of a delicious product you make. There are different types of them here – grisly, spectacled bear and even a panda! But don’t worry, these fellows won’t do you any harm, they are your friends and companions. They will give you various tasks and you will receive prizes for successful completion. As you perform more and more actions, your sizes get larger and you can move further to explore secret areas of the map. Sometimes, you will meet enemies – beetles and other dangerous creatures, but bees have serious weapon – a sting! So you can defeat them, continue your journey, and find a treasure at the end.