QS Watermelon

Game description:

Looking for a new challenge for your brain? Then consider QS Watermelon, a cool puzzle where you will have fun with falling fruits. There is nothing difficult about the task, but everyone struggles in the beginning. You are surely intrigued, aren’t you? So, you are expected to merge tons of fruits here. They are falling from the top, and your task is to allocate them in a way for two identical fruits to meet and transform into a bigger one. Sounds pretty primitive, doesn’t it? But wait with your conclusion before you give it a try! It may be a struggle!

Do not stop merging!

You are expected to allocate dozens of fruits on the screen! But that does not seem realistic to succeed with so little space available. But do not give up. There is a solution! You can merge the falling fruits allowing them to form a new, bigger fruit that takes less space than previous two. You can merge absolutely any object. But for the magic to happen, these two elements should be identical. Chaotic piling will not bring anything good – you will just get kicked off the game very quickly. So do not rush and think well how to achieve combo merging in one move. Check it out now what’s your absolutely best score is!