Google Snake Mods

Game description:

Every game becomes better with a bunch of mods. Even something as seemingly simple as Google Snake. As you might guess even from its name, the game is dedicated to a genre familiar to everyone. You have to control a snake – in this case, a train – around the field gathering dots – in this case, passengers – and growing longer. The more of them you pick up the more points you earn. But at the same time, you also become longer and it’s getting harder for you to maneuver between the obstacles.

While on earlier levels you only have to watch out not to run into your own end or into screen edges, things get much more difficult as you progress through the game. There will also be other objects you have to avoid. So you have to pick your trajectory very carefully reacting to any chance of collision within fractions of a second. Moving through the levels continues until you use up all of your lives and have to start from scratch.

Now Google Snake is also available with a series of amazing mods! Check them out right now and see what kind of new features they bring into the gameplay. Your favorite game can be even more fun if you try our incredible Google Snake mods!