Game description:

If you love having fun with Sudoku, you will enjoy this puzzle till. It is a new rework of the popular brain teaser. This time, you will have to learn a new approach. The nine-cell grid is now to be filled not with numbers but with the names of hockey players. Are you a fan of hockey? Then you will crack this puzzle in the blink of an eye. So, you have 9 boxes in the grid as in the original game. And you must fill a name into each one. The rule remains the same as in Sudoku – you should not repeat one and the same player twice. Do you believe it can be handled with ease? Then, let’s get started with no delays!

Think twice before you move!

Do you need a hint? Of course, you will receive some hockey-related clues to guide you towards the right player. You always need to follow the two criteria – the one specified in the row and the one specified in the column. So, be extra vigilant because overlooking either of these will lead to an error! The main difficulty is the number of attempts you are allowed to take. These are only nine. And the worst thing is that you cannot cancel your guess once you made it. This entertainment is perfect for those looking to test their knowledge of hockey. Ready to recall everything you know about hockey players? Don’t hesitate any longer – and be prepared to learn some new things too! Enjoy Puckduku on your computer or smartphone, anytime you have a free moment, and have some fun!